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Family owned and operated since 1980, ACS provides high-quality collision repairs on vehicles from all manufacturers, specializing in service to Baltimore-area Mercedes-Benz dealers and vehicle owners.



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ACS is proud to use the Sikkens paint system from AkzoNobel for all of its car paint repairs. Sikkens is a top of the line paint system that is OEM approved by manufacturers worldwide.


24-hour Towing Service

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Before you notify your insurance company: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS

  • You have the right to go to the REPAIR SHOP OF YOUR CHOICE.
  • Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular auto body shop; IT'S AGAINST MARYLAND LAW.

What to do after a car accident - Auto Collision Specialists

Night Drop Box

Mercedes-Body-Shop-Mercedes-Certified-Collision-Center-Mercedes-Car-Repairs-Baltimore-MarylandIn the event you need to drop off your vehicle outside of our operating hours, we have a secure location for your keys. Please park in the parking pad located on the right hand side of the drive-way. Our night drop box is located on the right-hand stone pilar as you look at the gate. Use the pull-down tray as a writing surface to fill out the front and back side of the authorization form, place the completed form and keys in a provided envelope and place in the drop slot.

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The Difference between “Old” and “Vintage” is Excellence

The finest vintage of Mercedes is Fangio 1954. The Mercedes W196 Formula One racer that Juan Manuel Fangio drove to victory in the 1954 German and the Swiss Grand Prix races continues to set records nearly 60 years later. Earlier that season, Fangio won the French Grand Prix in anothe
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Mercedes-Benz Repair Baltimore Maryland

Why Does Mercedes-Benz Require OEM?

One of the expenses that can take many Mercedes-Benz owners by surprise is the fact that Mercedes requires the use of genuine OEM replacement parts. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” meaning that all parts in your Mercedes-Benz need to come from Mercedes itself. Certif
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